Thx for the info,

Not really sure when this assembly was lubed last..

A&P that removed the Stab..had some loose comments.."Who knows when they
were lubed last..could be from factory original?"..hence I mentioned ..~33
years.. (~2,200 TT on airframe).

Any case, the 2 bolts that hold the Stab on were 'quite seized' & did not
come out whithout a lot of persuasion..

Assuming that there is a "25 hr lube interval" certainly was
not followed here..


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I use ACF 50 on the stab bolts at the 25 hr lube interval or when ever I
walk by with the ACF-50. I also lube the trim hinge. I replaced the timkin
bearings in my stab last year. It isn't a difficult job. I discovered that minor
slop translates into shot bearings. I had a little slop and when I removed the
bearing, I thought there was also a space/shim. It turned out to be part of
the bearing race. I'm sure this is an over looked item on many Musketeers. I
recommend changing the bearings and bolts when slop is present. Also, the
manual states AN bolts can be used. The original bolts are high strength, close
tolerance that add, from what I remember, approx twice the strength of the
AN bolt. I ordered mine from Genuine Aircraft hardware and they were 8 bucks
each. The bolts use a nylock nut as a cotter pin can't be installed. There are
shim washers that can be purchased to take out all the play. These need to
be special ordered as the light AN washer called out for in the service manual
is too thick to work. I believe there was about .010 play and the an washers
were .020 - 0.22.

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