Greetings all,

In an attempt to get my wife more interested in the airplane, I asked her
what (other than the paint) needed the most cosmetic attention.
She immediately said : "the dashboard looks like a do-it-yourself upholstery
job done by a five-year-old." She's right. Actually her comment may be
unfair to most five-year-olds...

So - I removed the glareshield and have found a local shop that can recover
it and make it look nice.
The poorly applied material on the glareshield now is the same color as the
airtex grey vinyl interior. It's very light grey and more reflective than
it should be, making it more of a glare amplifier than a glare shield.

What color and material works best? I'd like to minimize the glare and
improve the look. Black black suede? DARK grey vinyl?

Any suggestions, caveats, hard-learned warnings, etc would be greatly


Mike Hagans
'68 Super3 (A23-24)
Based @ 5C1 - Boerne, Texas
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