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Do a BAC search on 'taxi light', and another search on 'intercostal'. Lots
of info there on bulbs, bulb life, and adding factory taxi lights.

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The only part you really need is the bulb retainer which is what I <BR>
think you're referring to... $24 at RAPID.<BR>
I took out the landing light, got a piece of paper and traced the <BR>
outline of the cutout for the landing light. Then cut out the <BR>
tracing with scizzors and used that to trace the hole next to the <BR>
landing light. <BR>
Using about a 1/4" drill (or smaller), I drilled MANY holes around <BR>
the inside of the tracing and when done used little snips to cut out <BR>
the piece. Then I used a curved file to finish it off... the alum <BR>
files pretty quickly. You will need a little straight file for the <BR>
key hole though. After that my A&P installed 4 rivnut for the <BR>
retainer. Pretty low tech setup with no provision for aiming. <BR>
Also, no gasket to absorb vibration. I read where someone suggests <BR>
wrapping the outside of the bulb with electrical tape.. might try <BR>
--- In musketeermail@yahoogroups.com, Shelby Smith <rvaitor@c...> <BR>
> Tell me a little more about this. Did you order the reinforcement <BR>
> around the light? I guess you just order the pieces and cutout the <BR>
> place in the wing.<BR>
> <BR>
> I might like to do this. I guess the only thing holding me back is <BR>
that <BR>
> my current light has been so dependable I'd hate to fiddle with it <BR>
and <BR>
> end up having to replace bulbs.<BR>
> <BR>
> Thanks,<BR>
> <BR>
> Shelby Smith<BR>
> On Saturday, January 28, 2006, at 10:35 AM, <BR>
> musketeermail@yahoogroups.com wrote:<BR>
> <BR>
> > Took the wingtips off saw the taxi wire wound up nice and neat <BR>
at the<BR>
> > end of the wing so I went ahead and ordered the bulb retainer <BR>
for the<BR>
> > taxi light. Today, under the A&P's supervision I made the <BR>
cutout for<BR>
> > the light and before I went home I thought I'd at least test it.<BR>
> > Hooked up the taxi wire and ground, and surprise... nothing. <BR>
> > maybe the bulb failed while being handled so I hooked it up to <BR>
> > landing light wire and it worked.<BR>
> ><BR>
> > The double throw toggle on the panel has a wire connected to the <BR>
> > (taxi) position and the label on the wire at the wing matches <BR>
the taxi<BR>
> > wire in the wiring diagram. Didn't get a chance to troubleshoot<BR>
> > anything else.<BR>
> ><BR>
> > Any ideas?<BR>

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