Haven't seen anyone answer this yet. You use a big box wrench on the stack
nut. As it is not torqued, it only has the resistance of the elastic
self-locking nut. If it is too easy to turn, it should be replaced. The
wrench can be a cheap flea-market wrench, as it won't be stressed. You can
modify it on a bench grinder if desired, to get a flatter side, thinner
perimeter, and more turning angle. Just paint it with cold galvanizing, or
powder coating, so that the ground areas don't rust on you.

The adjustment specification, AND how to measure it, is in the shop manual.
You'll need the book instructions to do the job properly and legally. There
is additional key data in there about changes to the adjustment, etc.


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I plan on replacing the main gear donuts about mid March. If anyone has
experienced this project please contact me as I have some questions. One is
what did you use for the large nut at the top, it does not look like a
socket will fit. When you reinstalled the strut how did you determine how
far to adjust the top nut?? I am thankfull for any insight.

Ron Mattson
1971 Sierra


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