This initial offer is being made available only to BAC members. If I haven't sold all eight kits by Monday, I'll open it up the MML folks, but at a higher price. The current BAC price is $135 per kit.

I can order a little more small hardware and make up a few more low-cost kits, but that will be the end of them. Any future kits will be significantly more expensive, as I won't be able to find any more of the correct Heim rod ends at the lower price I found this time. They are generally bringing in the neighborhood of $40 each, when you can find them. The HM-4 with the Beech number on it is around $62 each.

Please read the Classified Ad and News article on BAC for more details. The kits contain all the needed Heim rod ends and new standard hardware to remove all the play from your aileron pivots, aileron pushrods, and Stabilator Tab link. There are 32 hardware item in each kit, along with the new rod ends, not including the free parts you can use to make your own new aileron bushings, if your circumstances permit. You can probably imagine what these parts would cost you if you ordered them through your FBO, or had to pay for them during an Annual. The rod ends alone would cost $250, plus any mark-up applied by your FBO for the order processing.

Steve Nelson and Lynn Muller, your kits will ship today.

Frankly, I am still well in the hole on several hardware offerings, such as the gear roll pins, 1040BCH door handles, and Amphenol connectors. If these aileron kits turn out to not meet a member need after all, it will probably be my last such effort to stock such parts. I'll have to revert to parts searches on request, with the much higher prices that usually entails.
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