You will have as much luck in forcing your wife to learn to fly as she has teaching you how to sew. I've been there done that.

This was more successful... random talk!

"I'm going to slow down now, I'll pull back the throttle but I don't want to decend yet so I pull up the nose." Now I'm going to decend slowly towards the airport. I'm pulling back on the throttle but letting the nose go down a little. See this here? It says were going down about 500 feet per minute. That's a nice slow decent." etc. etc., etc. Over and over and over... a little at a time.

Tom Corcoran

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Subject: [musketeermail] Re: Sierra emergency landing thoughts - Great thread!

This has been an informative discussion. My wife and I own a '78
Sierra and while she has had some "stick time" she is not interested
in piloting per se but really enjoys flying with me and taking trips
together. After this discussion I intend to get more forceful, shall
we say, about her learning more about flying the Sierra and giving
herself a fair shot at survival if she ever found herself in the

Thanks for the great information! This is a fantastic resource!

Chris Linderman
Sierra N5106M

> I am very glad to see all the thoughtful responses.
> Some here and some private messages. So far the
> consensus seems to be:
> 1) if possible have passenger take a pitch hitter
> course
> Comment: As a CFI and FAA safety counselor I agree
> this is best action whenever possible. I have done
> lots of these as well as some informal "line it up and
> fly to the runway slowly" lessons.
> This is great. But think about the real action
> required with an incapacitated pilot sitting there
> next to the Pitch hitter.
> 2) expect a very bad landing with or without minimal
> training
> 3) in a bad landing the damage to plane and passengers
> would probably be minor with gear up compared to a too
> fast porpoise that may lead to a flip etc.
> 4)the fixed gear guys have a great sense of humor and
> are glad they don't have to waste time thinking about
> this issue.
> Thanks for all the input on this discussion.
> Paul
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