Those of you who have been sitting on the fence, about buying new gear
cushions from AEC, may be about to lose your lower cost opportunity because
of the slow sales rate.

I have heard from another source that AEC is entertaining offers from the
resellers, like the one that bought a lot of 'legacy parts' from Beech.
Their intent is to pay AEC something less than the AEC retail for them, in
exchange for buying them all, then re-marketing them at maybe 90% to 95% of
Beech list. This is the stock in trade for these companies. It works for
them, because they have no engineering, approval, and manufacturing overhead
tied up in them. Just whatever their bid is on the parts. They can afford
to wait for their payback, knowing that as the Beech price rises, their
"discount price" will also automatically rise. And once one of them does
this, how eager do you suppose AEC will be to rush out and run off another
batch, to get the price back down, after their current experience? Yeah,
that's what I thought too.

AEC is undoubtedly considering this, in light of the money they have tied up
in the current parts lot, coupled with the painfully slow sales rate
(despite our earlier statements about latent demand due to the common need
coupled with the high RAPID prices). And I don't blame them a bit.
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