During the past week or two, I have been getting a Yahoo bounce-back on my
first send attempt (or reply attempt) on at least half of the notes I need
to send, to people having a Yahoo email address. In every case, they have
gone through on the second or third attempt, using the same address.

I just can't keep doing these re-sends. I'm dealing with too much email to
keep doing that (hundreds of notes per day). If you are using a Yahoo email
address, please use some alternative address when sending me notes. If you
don't have any other address, you may need to consider changing your ISP, or
paying a few bucks per month to buy hosting for your own .com address (like
Rellihan.com). That enables you to have an alternative address; you don't
have to actually have an operating website, and it makes your email address
permanent (and independent of your actual web-access ISP at any given time).
I don't know whether BAC-mail provides the capability for you to have a
name@bac-mail.com or name@beechaeroclub.org address of your own. That may
be limited to the Club officers, for capacity reasons.

This is just a friendly heads-up. I don't know what has changed at Yahoo
(yet again), but it has certainly reinforced why I continue to have
absolutely no use for that particular Internet service. Half of your access
bandwidth gets used to send you their banners and ads. If you have a Yahoo
email address, and send me something but get no reply, this is probably why.
While BAC private messaging will work for brief exchanges, it won't work for
ordering and follow-up; it gives me no means for data retention and
follow-up, and no means for saves during lengthy responses. BAC messaging
is just for chat-type things.