i also had problems with the EI fuel flow. I had much higher than
normal flow indication. this dropped when the elec pump was turned
on. What i found was that the elec pump was leaking back thru the
pump. I installed a new pump. With the Fuel flow transducer
installed per EI instructions I now read within 0.1 GHP when only on
mech pump. This was verified several times on X-country's. When you
turn on the elec pump indicated flow decreases as you would expect
with the transducer in the line from the mech pump to the carb. i
am now very pleased with the fuel flow. also i now know how a
normal elec pump sounds!

Mike Dawson

In musketeermail@yahoogroups.com, "Kerry Muller" <kmuller@...>
> I have an issue with a Electronics International FP-5L installed
in my
> Sundowner. Since I've owned it, whenever I put on the boost pump
> flow would go to zero and stay there until I turned off the boost
> While in annual I asked the mechanic to check out the installation
> it turns out it was installed way wrong. But this has turned up
> looks like a problem with installing an FP-5 in any O-360
> The 2 fuel lines from the engine pump and the boost pump meet at
> seperate connections on the carborator. EI tells me that to
> correct flow on either pump, the EI transducer needs to be between
> "T" connection joining the two lines - and the carb. Can't do
that on
> this engine... unless I seriously modify the fuel flow plumbing and
> get a field approval (I guess). I've talked to EI a few times on
> and their position is to just install a "T" connection ahead of the
> carb.
> The previous owner (and his mechanic?) seemed to be confused by
> as well. Their solution was to use the EI setup for a fuel
> or pressure carb that has a return line. This kit comes with 2
> transducers and a computer module, but the second transducer is
> supposed to go on the return line and the computer subtracts out
> flow to arrive at a net amount going to the carb. I guess they
> thought the second tranducer could be used for the second line but
> can't. In my case, once the boost pump went on - it subtracted out
> that lines flow and I ended up with zero flow on the gauge.
> So at this point my mechanic wants to take out the computer and
> tranducer on the boost side going back to how a typical carb
> should be (just the one transducer going straight to the gauge),
> we both agree that once the boost pump goes on, the remaining
> tranducer on the other side will/might register some flow but it
> probably won't be accurate.
> My question to anyone who has read this far and has one of these
> installed - do you get accurate flow with the boost pump on? Do you
> know if you ran into any of the issues I brought up?
> Thanks
> Kerry
> 6629R

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