I spoke just now with Kamran Rouhani, the head of AEC. I had e-mailed him and asked him if he would confirm that he has an offer to sell his entire inventory of donuts to a vendor who would in turn sell them at 10-15% less than Beechs price. If so Id like to let our BAC members know.

He said that he does have such an offer. In fact he may have more than one. I also asked him how many sets hed ordered and how many hed sold.

He said his initial order was for 350 sets. [A set is eight discs, enough for one gear leg. Each plane uses three sets.] He said he has only sold about 27 sets so far and his break even point is somewhere around 150 sets.

I thought the vendor might be trying to buy the donuts at a discount from his price. But they have offered him the price hes selling them for on his website. http://www.aec-inc.com/ The vendor would make his profit by marking them up to just under Beechs price.

Kamran said he does not want to sell the whole inventory to another vendor. Hed prefer to help us. But we need to help him.

Guys and gals this aint about charity. If you want or need donuts and you dont want to pay at or near Beechs price youd best step up while theyre available.

Some have asked why doesnt BAC buy the donuts. Do the math. 300 sets @ $360 per set = $108K. Thats about five times BACs annual revenue.

Cloyd Van Hook
President, BAC

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