Longview Texas is the site that has been selected for
our first Fly-In of 2006. Reasons include (in no
particular order); a willing and eager host, FBO that
would enjoy having us, central location to Texas,
Lousianna, Arkansas and other places far and wide.

The date that has been selected is Saturday, April 1.

Plan now to come to Longview and meet others who are
interested in perserving the Musketeer line of
aircraft. I've made many friends since 2003 through
Musketeer Mail and BAC, and look forward to getting
this opportunity to see some of you again (and meet
new faces).

There will be a schedule of events to follow, and when
it is ready, we will email that out to you. I know
that lunch is planned, along with the typical
discussion groups on topics of interest. If you have
an idea or suggestion for us to take on during this
event, email me at j_w_Bruce@yahoo.com.


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