This may be a duplicate, but I thought I had a bounce back. So here goes.

Mike (and the group),

I just finished installing the new honest-by-gawd Beech door seals on
58L. They went on easy (more importantly, the old ones came off easy)
and they fit great. What a nice "thud" sound the doors make now.

I can't wait to finish the annual to take her up. I'm betting we will
have significant reduction in cabin noise. Not to mention not having to
sop up the floor after every rain!

Unfortunately the annua is getting uncomfortable. After several years of
skating by, we have two cylinders with really low comps (though we had
plenty power and she was smooth as silk). They are in the hands of
Mattituck right now.

A broken centering cable (though she never wavered), a new battery, new
ELT battery, and a new carb heat valve box (well, welding the crack

But...the whole point is...thank you Mike Rellihan for your diligence in
finding all the parts that Raytheon has not been willing to part with.
Even something as humble as door seals have saved us bunches of $.

Steve Cote

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