I am having a real problem with my A23-24 with getting moisture into the static system. In December and now today the moisture froze in my lines causing a complete failure of static system (text book).

Back in December I looked into this and found the following service bulletin http://www.beechaeroclub.org/modules...I-0603-394.pdf. While helpful, the static ports are 4K a piece (and available, great), the Kit is not. This makes an STC and using Cessna static drains not much of an option.

I see in archives a discussion about this in 2004 but no real resolution. Has anyone gotten and STC to modify system like Cesnnas pitot static sump or similar, do you all use covers, or am I the only one having this issue. I just re-certified the pitot static in January and made sure the tubing was hung to apex as shown in diagrams but the tubing and setup is original.

I'm in a real fix here, this is the 3rd time since I have owned the plane that water in the static system has become an issue. That is enough to tell me that I need to fix it, one day it is going to become a serious hazzard to flight.

Any inputs appreciated.