Bo Boggs and the Beech Aero Club will be hosting a fly
in at LONGVIEW TEXAS on April 1st (Yes, that is right
Saturday April Fools day, we expect at least 1 beech
jet to attend). Arrive early and stay as late as you
like. There will be plenty of discussions on
Maintenance and flying topics. Pick up essential 'how
to' information or 'what to look for' from the people
who are only interested in helping you get the most
our of your aircraft. Everyone is welcome. So
whether you've had a beechcraft all your life, or you
are just now considering a purchase or partnership,
come spend the afternoon with members of BAC at
Longview Texas on April 1st.
Beech Aero Club is the type club dedicated to
preserving and enjoying Musketeer series and skipper
aircraft. If you've thought about joining BAC but
needed more information, this would be your perfect
chance to find out more. We hope to see you there.

Lunch will be provided by the BAC Club and the Local
FBO, If you would like to donate a little toward lunch
to help cover costs, that'll be OK too.
Jay Bruce
Regional Director, BAC

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