I am going to put these radios on Barnstormers next week and try to get as
much as possible for them, BUT I thought that I would give someone in the
group first shot. I acquired them as part of the sale of an unfinished
homebuilt kit plane (bankruptcy sale). I planned to install them in my
homebuilt, until I discovered that with the radios installed it was not
possible for me to bend my way around them. Funny, I could do it 30 years
ago. Anyway now I need to sell them so I can buy a COM and TRANSPONDER that
fit my 7 1/2 inch deep instrument panel. Both units are NEW out of the box.
They were in the panel of the unfinished homebuilt but never were powered up
(no wiring or battery). The airplane was stored in the builders basement.
I had the equipment powered up and tested by an avionics tech, and they
function properly. Enough of the long story.

I have one Apollo GX65 gps/com radio. This is now a Garmin product. It is
a moving map GPS/COM with plug-in database card. IFR enroute and terminal
capable (with required annunciator and remote CDI installed) It is a
standard 2 inch by 6.25 inch unit 11.5 inches deep (with connector). The
com side is 760 channels, active and standby displayed, built in intercom,
stuck mic timeout, and all kinds of bells and whistles. It comes with the
mounting tray, new GPS antenna, wiring harness, plus the database plug-in
card (not up to date though). Updates are available from Garmin. I also
have the installation, operation, and service manuals in both hard copy and
on CD. The used market price for the GX65 alone is $2895. (This radio is a
superior equivalent to the Garmin GNC 250XL) I only need $2000 (plus
shipping) for it.

The Transponder is an Apollo SL70. Also now a Garmin product. The SL70 has
a digital display and has a 300 watt output instead of the more common 200
watt output. Include with the SL70 is the mounting tray and wiring harness,
and the manuals in both hard copy and on CD. Also unclouded is a Trans-Cal
SSD120 altitude digitizer/serializer (dual serial output encoder). This is
the top of the line encoder calibrated to 30,000 feet. List price on this
unit is $2295. The encoder lists for $365. I only need $1000 (plus
shipping) for it.

I would like to sell both together but I am willing to sell them separately.
Remember these are NEW.

Ron Dixon
Bowie, Maryland
N2333Z 1963 Be 23 M-49
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