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Thread: DME Required

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    DME Required

    I have a real DME in the panel and would miss it. Have plenty of back up GPS stuff. But the DME is an accurate old friend.

    Tom Corcoran

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    From: Paul Werbin <>
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    Subject: [musketeermail] DME Required

    Ron, unless there are only a few approaches in your
    area there should be no requirment for DME, especially
    for training. It is really nice to have but not really
    worth installing any more, in my opinion.
    If for some reason you need it for learning anyway, a
    handheld GPS should sufice as DME source for learning
    If you need a legal DME for IFR I bet it would be
    easier and maybe cheaper, but certainly better overall
    to install a panel GPS. Even if not IFR Approach
    certified (but enroute and terminal cert)it should be
    a legal DME source.
    I just think that the cost, weight, reliability, etc
    these days makes it unlikely that DME is worth
    installing and maintaining.
    My 2 cents, Paul Werbin CFII

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    I have a KN-64 DME that I removed from my panel (and replaced with a panel mounted GPS) if anyone needs it.

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    Hang on to the KN-64. The parts are worth gold. I was just charged $300 for a used serviceable display, plus labor.

    Cheers, James

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    don't pay attention to paxflyer - I'll give you 50 bucks for it.

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    I was told by more than one avionics shop, that King no longer makes or provides parts for the KX, KN line, particularly the displays. My day/night rheostat on the KN-64 was shot and needed fixed.

    Cheers, James
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    Wow Tom. That thread is ten years old! I do still think DME is nice to have as it is always easy to set and forget sitting there during an approach. But still easily replaced, functionally by GPS. And it seems still expensive to repair if needed.

    Paul Werbin
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

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    I had a chance to get a working KNS-80 really cheap when I first got SuperMouse - I almost did it but but the time I rolled up the install cost the 300XL was only about 1 AMU more net and provided a lot more functionality as an IFR certfied GPS/COM.

    One of my rentals had a KNS-80 - it was a pretty useful little unit especially as IFR panel GPS in the early 2000s were as rare as unicorns in rental aircraft.

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    Looking for a KN-64 gas display. Anybody know where I can find one used or new?

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