Although the weather tried to pick up from where it left off during last
year's events, the Peachtree-Falcon Field, Georgia fly-in kicked off this
year's events calendar.

Thanks to Doug Muse for organizing everything. On Friday afternoon we
toured the Atlanta TRACON, which handles air traffic control for all of
Atlanta-Hartsfield's arrivals and departures as well as the majority of
Atlanta Center communications throughout the southeast. Although our tour
guide was very informative, my highlight was having the opportunity to speak
one-on-one with one of the controllers and have her explain just about
everything happening on her scope. Proved to me that those "voices" really
do belong to people that care about pilots. It also gave me a better
perspective of why they seem to get a bit testy when a pilot doesn't respond
or has to have instructions repeated several times. Their stress level is
high enough without having it added to!

Saturday morning we toured the National Weather Service office. When we
first walked in and saw their screens for the eastern US, I was not happy to
see that the worst weather was centered right over Kentucky. By the time we
left though, I had a much better understanding of how the weather was moving
and was happy to know that most of it would be gone by the time I got home.

Aircraft Spruce gave us discounts on our purchases and was kind enough to
furnish us complimentary hot dogs and soft drinks. The FBO gave us 20 cent
discounts on fuel. Every little bit helps.

7 planes and at least 15 folks over the 2 days were in attendance. A few
others were turned back by weather and mechanical difficulties. Here's
hoping everyone has the opportunity to attend a fly-in this year. It's
always great to see familiar faces as well as put new faces with names we
only see on emails.

Thanks again Doug and thanks to all those that shared the good times.

Brad Mitchell
1983 Sundowner
Georgetown, KY (27K)
BAC Secretary/Treasurer

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