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> During my annual I noticed my ELT battery was due. I have a 1975
> Sundowner (M1711) and it has a Garrett Rescu 88 ELT located just
> forward of the right stabilizer (behind the inspection panel) and
> forward of the opening.
> My inspection cover has a finger opening that allows one to switch
> the ELT from outside the aircraft.
> First mystery.... The new ELT battery came with a warning that
> are 2 different batteries BP1035 & BP1036, the 1035 snap connector
> supposed to connect directly to the circuit board, the 1036 to a
> short wire connector attached to the board.
> Nice time to tell us, after we buy the battery.
> The difference is supposed to be polarity, a warning about total
> destruction is encluded.
> Mine had the BP1035 and the short wire connector (wrong combo)
> ELT has passed it's last two function tests.
> Mystery # 2.... Whilst looking at the ELT I noticed the direction
> flight arrow was pointing AFT when installed.
> If the ELT is turned around the finger hole is useless.
> Anyone have any clues as to what gives here??
As for mystery #1, I guess you'll have to talk to the company's
customer service folks about an exchange.
#2 isn't much of a mystery. Nearly all of these airplanes are old
enough that they've had the ELTs replaced. The orientation for the
finger hole was designed for the original ELT and the numerous types
of ELT's that have been used as replacements never considered
installation in this one model of airplane, so they are where they
are. There was a Piper like this that crashed in the Appalachians a
number of years ago and the ELT was loose. It injured or killed the
pilto as I remember.
Just make sure the orientation is correct and that the antenna
conneciton is good and not corroded.

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