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Used Lowrance Airmap 500 GPS. Snag it here before I put it on eBay.
Fantastic aviation handheld GPS for VFR use or as a backup. Here is
what you get:

Airmap 500 GPS
Jeppesen Americas Database on 32MB SD card
Cigarette Power Adapter
External Antenna (suction cup windscreen type)
MapCreate Software to transfer maps to the SD card. (Requires
Pentium 133mhz or higher PC, CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, 50MB disc
space, Windows 98 or higher, and USB MMC/SD card reader not included.)
Aqua Bag (waterproof bag)
Yolk Mount (I never mounted it so I'm not sure what yolks it is
compatible with.)
Hardware Mount for External Antenna (optional)
Original Box

The database is a couple of years old... but airports don't move that
much. The database includes Intersections, NDBs, VOR, Airspaces
(class D included), and all Airport Approach Control and FSS

The GPS receiver is a 12 channel, WAAS enabled receiver. You can also
demo the device on your computer:

These have been selling for $275-$300 on eBay in recent weeks. Grab
it here for $250 before it goes on eBay.

- Tim Flight
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