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    Sun & Fun

    I have not heard much discussion from the group or from the MM Members about Sun & Fun this year. I am planning a trip for the Ottawa Flying Club in April to the Bahamas. We are hoping to catch the last day or two of Sun & Fun on Sunday and Monday before heading out to the islands on Tuesday for a little Island hopping. Now here is the fun part, we have 9 airplanes (two mice, my Sierra and the clubs Duchess) and about 22 pilots. If there is anything planned for BAC on Sunday I would love to drop by and meet some of the fellow members. Us guys from the "Frozen North Country" don't get to as many fly-in's as we might like. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on places to stay, parking at Lakeland (or near by airports) your advice would be most helpful. I have never been to Sun & Fun before so go easy on me...



    __!__ Bruce Dwyer
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    Ottawa Flying Club
    613 786-8674

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    Sun & Fun

    > I have not heard much discussion from the group or from the MM
    > Members about Sun & Fun this year.

    Hi Bruce,

    Check out this link where people have been discussing plans in the
    Discussion Forums on the BAC website:
    op=modload&name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&am p;t=1943

    - Tim Flight
    BAC Webmeister
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