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Hi Jon
As long as I have a rough idea the day your coming or a couple days a head I
will be able to set a side sufficient parking for your group.


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Thx for the response.

Not easy to give a hard number this far in advance, Word is just getting out
about the event. Good bet that prime time would be Fri. but mainly Sat.

I expect 10 to 15 shows but will vary as some may stay for the full event &
others for less. Some are bound to show up without the club knowing anything
about them. (unannounced)

Only have 3 confirmed at this point. A US Sierra (full event reserved
rooms). A Sierra outa Ottawa (1 day) & a Sport outa the London area (camping, full

Not sure if other Beech aircraft models (Bonanza's etc..) are going to try
to have parking in one spot but might be nice (or better) to combine with
other Beech aircraft?

If I can be of any more help, please let me know. Perhaps I can keep you


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