Thielert is a major supplier to Superior (cams and crankshafts).
this purchase has been in the works for some time.

As to the benefits of diesels for our airplanes, I remain to be
convinced. Consider:

Diesel or Jet A is denser than Avgas (6.7 lbs per gal).
The increased load for fuel works out to be 67 pounds.
The increased ceiling comes at the expense of turbocharging.
Conversions seem to be very expensive. $70K and UP. This buys 2 NEW
Toyota built and certified a new small airplane in the 1990s then
shelved it. They have no plans to enter GA. the Japanese aren't
that much of a threat. The real threats are the former eastern

Besides Innodyne has a turbine engine that will work in our airplanes
if we could get it certified. Also there is a Rolls Royce turbine
that could be de-rated for our aircraft. Fuel burn is higher but
imagine cruising at 17500 at Vno.

As for taking our airplanes to the experimental category, that is not
an option unluss you want to start asking the FAA for permission to
use it every time you want to fly.

We've been down this road before.

--- In, mike capoccia <mcapocci@...>
> So far the THielert Deiser (a converted auto engine) is a 1000 TBR.
> the 2400hr TBR is advertised but the factory buys back at 1000.
> REBUILDING. THerfore no cometitive pressure on engien replacemnt
> right now Replacement engine includeing labor to R_R is on the
order of
> 25K!
> Conversion cost for 172 on order of 55K.
> EADS deisel is a 3500 hr engien cost 55K over haulable (!). for an
> estimated cost of 15K (okay that is more like it).Est cost to
> $80K.
> No other diesels are certified.
> An interesting question...WHy did Theilert buy superior? If
thehDeisel is
> so good with a great life why buy a firm that builds gas engines
and is
> tooled completely differantly?
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