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Thread: CamGuard Oil additive

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    I can't knock CamGuard or AvBlend. For those of us that fly more than 60-80 hrs a hear, either will work well. However, for our engines, and I think especially the angle vlaves, that AvBlend is a better alternative for the more active engines. I know it cures sticky valves. It has done so three times out of three trys for me. Some of friends here think I'm a wizzard because I've fix their rough running engines. 'Twasn't me, I just added AvBlend. I probably could have done the same with MMO, but you know how that goes. CamGuard was developed by the same chemist that developed Exxon Elite. Exon wouldn't use all of his formula because of the cost. So, he form a company known as CamGuard. Probably best additive for "low utilization" airplanes. I'd stay away from the "preserative oils". While using both CamGuard and AvBlend together is legal, it really depends on the utilization cycles. For long periods of inactivity, I'd give the nod to CamGuard. For anything up to 3 weeks of inactivity, AvBlend is pretty much all you kneed. For extended "down periods" I'd recommend to "Pickle" the engine with Argon or Nitrogen atmosphere with CamGuard already distributed in the oil. Argon/Nitrogen are relatively easy to find and once the engine is purged of air, the inert gas's and the long lasting film of came guard will keep it from corroding.
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    Thanks Marty! I will research pickleing

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    Ed Kollin, the guy that formulated CamGuard, made an announcement on the AOPA forum today that Continental Mattituck overhauls and repaired engines will require CamGuard for the warranty to apply.
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