Assuming you can use a saw, drill and sand paper and are happy making your own parts... the $250 yoke bushings can be made for FREE from scrap CORIAN. Yes, the same stuff that your countertop is made from. Go to a countertop factory. Look in the dumster. You will cry at the stuff they throw out. Simple wood tools are all you need for Corian. It is 100% acrylic. It makes a good TRIM WHEEL too!

I have no clue about flamability but I know the hot pans on my wife's countertop don't set it on fire and I think it doesn't melt until it reaches 475 degrees F.

You will love a Corian dumster for the stuff that's in there for free. If you can't find any, contact me. You can also choose from some nice colors.

Tom Corcoran

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Nylon is degraded by UV so in theory an opaque coating might help, but
that damage is probably mostly done and I suspect plain old age is more
of a factor. The basic problem is 40 year old Nylon is just not a
material at it's the 3/16" or so of bushing outside the gust
lock hole is not much to resist the force of the wind on several square
feet of stabilator.

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> Is there any treatment or lubricant we can use on these to
> help preservation?
> -Rick
> In the meantime, try to protect the ones you have.