Well I hope everyone checks their email before heading to Highgate FSO this morning.
I just go off the phone with FSS and they are calling Burlington at 5K Scattered with wind becoming 160 @12 gusting to 22 for 8 am and by noon 3500 Scattered with winds 160@20 w/ wing shear.
At the same time they are calling for the winds at 3000 to be at 180 @ 40 .
So getting in this morning will not be an issue, but getting back out at noon or 1 pm will be, so I am calling a cancel, I do not want anyone to get stuck in Vermont and I definitely do not want to spend 3 hours flying home while being beat to death by the winds bouncing off the hills.
We will reschedule for sometime this summer.
See you all next time

Brian Foote
BAC NE Regional Director
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