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Thread: Petit Jean Fly In (MPJ in Arkansas)

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    Petit Jean Fly In (MPJ in Arkansas)

    Let's shoot for Saturday June 3 at Petit Jean. Previous posters were correct. The FBO has closed up shop, and it would be a 3 mile hike over to the lodge. But if we push it back a little, I will be able to make sure we have a vehicle there at our disposal. Plus that gives Cloyd time to clear his schedule maybe, since he has expressed interest in attending.

    I'll be posting more about what will be going on later, until then, if you have been there, let's here your suggestion.

    I know one thing that some people might want to do is walk down from the lodge to the water fall.

    We might do a group fly over to look at the cliffs and other natural scenery from the air.

    Also, if you've been wanting to see the auto museum, we might work that in also. I'll vouch for the quality of the museum, I think I have been though it 4 times in all.

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    That should give me enough time to become airworthy again.

    If I'm airworthy, I'll try to make it. I took my son camping at Petit Jean probably 10 or more years ago. I'd like to take him back so I may have a pax for Minnie.

    I just looked at the charts and it looks like I'd take the same route as to Gaston's except at Little Rock (LIT VOR) instead of heading off across the boonies I bear left onto some unmarked (on my chart) Victor airway on a heading of 303 and it should take me right over MPJ. And I also get to play with my new KLN-90B.

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    That was me that posted the prior post.

    Guess I'm a guest here now.


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    I will have to catch you on the next fly-in.....I have to be in San Antonio on June 3rd ...sorry!!

    Gene McPherson

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    For those that may not know.. Petit Jean means Little John..

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    Clearing our schedule right now!


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    Also for those who didn't know... Petit Jean (in Arkansas) was named after a young french lady who supposedly disguised the fact that she was a girl so she could join french explorers on a trip into what would later become Arkansas. Supposedly somewhere on Petit Jean is where she is buried after she became ill and died, and it all happened sometime before the lousianna purchase.

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    Dunno what to say about this

    There is a diff between Jean & Jeanne..

    Iow..John & Jane.

    Sounds like Yankee french Joan of Ark folklore..

    Btw.. petit references male & petite female..

    Then again..good bet that there's (way) more to 'Petit Jean' that I may know about..

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    Turns out there is a 'Jean' event goin on in Nevada, just south of L. Vegas that I just heard about..0L7 identifier.

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    Since the Petit Jean fly in is still a few weeks off, please let me know if you can do JUNE 10 instead of JUNE 3 for the fly in.


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