Here is some info from the BAC FAQ:
The Maintenance Manual for the 19/23/24 is part number 169-590015G, Rev. G5.
It is currently priced at $60, new from Raytheon Aircraft Publications.
There is one revision package currently available, PN 169-590015G TR 2-1,
dated 4/4/97, priced at $20. If you find a used manual (at an airshow or on
eBay), it may incorporate the revision already. Please visit the Links
section of BAC to visit the Raytheon Aircraft Publications page that shows
all the documents available for the 19/23/24 series airframes.

If you order a new Maintenance Manual, it will come with all current
revision data applied. The revision is needed only for owners who need to
update their existing manual. All the information needed to work on the
retract system is in this manual. That includes electrical and hydraulic
diagrams and troubleshooting procedures, as well as the proper servicing and
adjustments. No mechanic should be allowed to work on your Sierra unless
he has this reference material, unless you can accept the risk of a gear-up
landing. If he doesn't want to buy a copy, in order to support your plane
both properly and legally, you should change mechanics; or buy your own copy
to loan to him. I certainly have no problem with technicians who call me to
help them brainstorm a problem, but I cringe when I learn that they are
blindly working on a problem without any reference material. I don't mean
to sound unnecessarily judgmental, but that is just asking for problems with
something like a retractable gear system. It just isn't in the same league
as changing a spark plug on a common engine without the book. For the sake
of a $60 book, why would anyone risk thousands of dollars in losses, or a
salvaged airframe?


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Unless you are seeing fluid leaking inside or outside the AC, the chances in
my opinion of it being any "O" ring is small, the chances of it being the
hydraulic retract pressure switch or other component is good. Make sure that
the pump is NOT actuated without full fluid being present - anything else is
ONE expensive pump, I've been there! What's your S/N and I will see if my
manual for my 80 Sierra MC-733 covers yours and can fax you the drawings of
the hydraulics / lift system to your AME. A warning - I an out of town
tomorrow and Friday returning late Saturday evening.

Ed Fitchett
Toronto, Canada

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> SOS:
> My mechanic has asked me for a Beech schmatic of the gear actuator
> for my 1982 Sierra.
> My transit light and pump are staying on and he needs to trouble
> shoot the system to see which actuator/"o" ring is causing the
> problem.
> I read the March 9,2006 response from Gene regarding his fix and was
> hoping to get some assistance from someody who has had this problem
> before. Gene emailed me and will not be in town till next week to ask
> his machanic. Meanwhile my plane is in my mechanics hangar getting an
> annual done so any help sooner would be great.
> If anybody has a part breck down of this system or any past
> experience I would appreciate your help and suggestions.
> Tom Carter
> N64840
> 1.800.220.8028
> Ocean City, Maryland
> P.S. FYI - "Sunshine Hank" is my English Springer Spaniel.
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