As much as I hate to be doing it, we are selling our '77 Sundowner and I have a full set of the AEC donuts that are not going with the airplane as well as a set of 4 Jo-Bolts.

What is included - 3 sets of P/N AEC-169-38003-7 and 4 Jo-Bolts P/N NAS 1669-6L7. I'm also going to throw in a set of three Gear Cushion Compressor Plate-to-Tube Roll Pins I bought from Mike Rellihan in preparation of having the donuts changed.

The donuts will be shipped in the original box that they came in to me from AEC in Febuary '06. The 3 sets of 8 donuts were in plastic bags inside of the box. These bags have been opened. My A&P was trying to figure out how to do the pre-compression if/when we had them changed out and he wanted to stack them up on a 2x4 like in some of the pics on BAC. The original bags are included with the stickers with the PMA numbers and the installation tips and suggestions sheet from AEC.

Anyway, without an airplane I won't have use for these so I'd like to sell them to someone who can use them. I paid a tad over $1300 for the full set and the jo-bolts. I'd like to get $1000.00 + shipping for them but will entertain offers for a week or so before I put them on E-Bay.

Please email me and let me know if you're interested. Here's a chance to get a good deal on a great improvement for your plane.


John Perry
N2242L at least for a few more weeks anyway.

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