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Thread: Radio help from all

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    Radio help from all

    Thanks for the help with the scratchy radio symptom. I did the "clean
    all the contacts" with electronic cleaner including the plug ins and
    hit all contacts and plug ins with the steel wool..........and an easy
    wipe of external plugs. Did a radio check on both radios and got the "
    Loud and clear " response. I did not see any corrosion or color
    distortions but I did spray the internals of the headset plug ins with
    the cleaner and pluged and unpluged them several
    times.................reminded me of my younger days..............back
    to aviation. All is fine now. Thanks for the tip.........I am not
    going there.



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    Here is a paste of some of the helpful responses received by Al:

    Joe Surowiec:

    Check the microphone plug on your headsets. They are usually made of brass. They do tarnish, and will give you problems. Very light steel wool will brighten them up. You can also try a brass polish, but they will sometimes leave a film ( a tarnish preventitive.) Seems to be a once a year maintenance for my plane.


    Good advice from Joe. If you are using a cheap carbon hand microphone, rather than a decent headset with an electret mic, that can also be the problem (floating carbon powder in the mic). Sometimes you can rap the hand mic a time or two, to clear it up for a while. If you are using a headset, check to see whether the mic is parallel with your lips. Sometimes they get rotated a bit, and the automatic noise canceling won't work as well that way (as well as some modulation gain being lost). You won't always notice the rotation without feeling the mic, if it is covered with a mic muff (as most are). BTW, this is pretty unlikely to be related to the relatively new PTT. If you still suspect it, see if you can get a little bit of Corrosion X (or ACF 50) into it, even if it takes a while to seep in all the way. If it is the switch, the CX will most likely fix it.

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