Alas, I will not be able to go to BAC East II, due to a family obligation or three. It's just the sort of event I would have loved to attend, too.

HOWEVER, for anybody who is headed for the event from a northeasterly direction, I have a request. I'm dropping my plane off for service at the Lancaster airport, which is about fifty miles up the road from Gettysburg (Sensenich prop shop, if you're curious). I need a ride between there and the New York City area - at this point, it's not clear which direction - and was wondering if someone could accommodate. In exchange, I'll be happy to pay for gas or sign off your biennial or something, and can give you a tour of the Hudson River tunnel if you like. Contact me off-list if you can help.

Craig MacCallum
Sierra N525SB
Montclair, NJ

Craig MacCallum
home: (973) 509-9064
cell: (973) 216-9505

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