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Thread: BAC East II Postponed

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    BAC East II Postponed

    Brian and I have decided to postpone Gettysburg due to the weather. We will reschedule sometime in September or October.

    Mike Hippensteel

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    Sorry you guys got bit again by the BAC weather bug.

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    Watch Saturday & Sunday turn out to be nice VFR

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    I am sure it will now be a gorgouis weekend in the Northeast

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    Wife says since we are already packed and took week end off, may as well head to KCRE.

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    Could be I'm the only person not too upset by the rescheduling. I logged on tonight to send my regrets as I've had my PPL checkride cancelled twice this month because the ground was higher than the ceiling. So I had a ride and no driver!

    If the rain stops, and the weather channel says it will, some alternates available this w/e:

    NJ 99s Poker Run on Saturday. Airports Greenwood Lake (4N1), Central Jersey Regional (47N), Robbinsville (N87), Pennridge (N70) and Blairstown (1N7). Start anywhere at 1000 arrive by 1445 1N7 for prizes.

    Aviation Day at KMGJ Saturday. Young eagles 0830-1100 and static displays til 1600. For any of you "Easy Riders" Orange County Choppers showroom is about 2 miles from the field.

    If all else fails there's AOPA in 2 weeks!

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    I'm glad too. I committed to a Pilots of America Fly-in at Wings this weekend (for me, it's a walk-in), so I wasn't going to make the BAC event. Sept or Oct will likely work better. I'm going to shoot for BAC events in other regions in the interim. Too bad BACFEST is out for me...

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