Pete, there is a forward dorsal fairing (the long metal one) and an aft
dorsal fairing (the curved plastic one). Which do you need? Your early
bird does not use the same forward fairing as the later planes, but the aft
one is the same. Globe carries the aft curved fairing for $315, but there
may be other sources of interest if you search BAC for 'fairing'. There are
a few Beech fairings available, but list price is up to $932 on them.

I have aileron linkage kits listed in the BAC Classifieds. They include all
the correct hardware (and all four rod ends) for both the ailerons and the
Stabilator tab linkage, to achieve minimum free play in those parts of the
control system.. They also include some free bushing stock that you can use
to make owner-produced-parts, to replace the aileron bushings, as the Beech
ones won't do you any good. You can read the write-up on the kit in the BAC
Classifieds for more info. If you really just want the aft rod-ends only,
please get back to me via direct email.


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Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 8:43 PM
Subject: [musketeermail] Need source for parts


I`m looking for the best place to purchase a new dorsal
fairing and the outer rod ends for the aileron pusrods.


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