Here is the latest information on the Petit Jean Fly

There seems to be a bit of a pattern forming here...
I've just found out that Petit Jean is a DAYTIME only
airport. The state is having to replace the lights or
something like that. Good thing we are in summer time

I would recommend that you make sure to fly a circle
or two around the area when you arrive and take in
some of the scenery (or you will be like me the first
time I landed here, taking it in while you should be
planning to land the plane)

Here are some useful links (you may have to copy and
paste these links into your browser):

About Petit Jean:

About forcasted Arkansas Weather:

Lunch (whatever time we decide that we want to do
lunch) will be at the Mathers Lodge. I will have 2
sign up sheets. One will be for those interested in
going over to the Auto Museum, the other will be for
checking out the hiking trail that leads away (and
back) to the Lodge. I'll have a van for us, and we may
have to make 2 trips to get everyone where we need to
go, but we should be OK. In case you are curious, I
have 'bus driver' experience from back when I was in

Take my cell phone number with you so that you can
contact me if the van is away from the airport when
you arrive: (501) 281-2967.

Comments, Suggestions, or just to let us know you are
coming? You can post a reply to this thread. Hope to
see you Saturday.

Jay Bruce

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