OK guys help please. I have a cylinder that runs hot #3 (over 400 in extended climbs). So after reading an engine cooling article in the June Issue of AOPA I ordered a set of Die cut silicone baffle seals from Gee Bee Aero products out of Palm Springs CA and For $95.00 (plus Tax in CA) I received the set in a couple of days.

The kit comes with 10 seals that most seem to be fairly obvious where they are to be installed the kit also comes with a square that is to be cut to fit for the oil cooler. The kit also appears to include all pop rivets and washers as well as some hardware that looks like a rivet like piece which has a flat head bolt with a threaded flat head tube type nut that when used look like a rivet that you screw together.

The manufacture said to install per Beech practices so no instructions. I have just gone through my shop manual and find no reference to the subject so where do I find the INFO on the replacement.

My plane A 79 Sierra MC-654 seems to have had some of these seals replaced over the years with non standard seals. So trying to replace using the existing seals as a guide is questionable.

Any suggestions on how to get the proper install and seal would be greatly appreciated. I will then let all know how it comes out.

Thanks for this great resource.
Richard Wolf

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