I have had the ique 3600a since last month and I've really enjoyed getting to know the unit better. I got it with the auto kit and used the voice turn instructions while I was down to Sun & Fun ( Couldn't find the tent mentioned in past emails at hangar D). The GPS works great and includes class D airspace, something that my klx-135a leaves out for some strange reason. The 3600a also keeps track of your flying time and airports visited to load into an included logbook program. It comes with terrain screens and there are a few screens that can be set with different instruments as well as the map. The cradle looks great and makes it easy to use without the stylus. In the mean time I also have access to all the standard palm pda software thats available. I don't know the effect on map drawing speed yet but I did try running the MP3 player while using the GPS and it worked fine. This is a great option since I have a jack on my panel to pipe music into my KM-28 audio panel. I previously used a palm pda so when Garmin came out with a single unit that could be used as a pda, an auto gps and an aviation gps I knew that it would fit my needs to a T. As usual, it isn't of any use to an IFR pilot but we VFR pilots will find it very useful.

1972 Sport 150