-Hi folks,

Well, the weather gods have me square in their sights this week. So, if I
can't fly, I might as well do someone else some good.

Our A&P has a B-24 Sierra on the operating table. He asked me to put out a
feeler for a NOSE GEAR HOUSING BEARING (Part# 169-810016-3). (It's on s/n#
MC536 if that is a peculiar run of airplane.)

Even he was stunned at the RAPID asking price.'course they then said they
did not know if they had one in stock. He asks if there is a store of Beech
parts that BAC and MM know about; or an after market supplier ( I did not
disillusion him) or even a really nice salvage part.

Of course, when we bust a Sierra, that's one of those parts that doesn't
fare well. Let me know what you can. Bruce doesn't do the Internet thing so
get back to me and I'll pass it on.

Steve Cote


Springfield, MA

PS: No, the Sierra owner is not a member; yes, I have approached him a
couple times. Oh, well.

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