In my maintenance manual, there is no specified requirement for flap
shaft end play (minimum or maximum). From a quick look at the
construction, I don't see any adjustment feature built in. If the
parts aren't worn,bent or broken then the play you have is the play
you have.

This "IA" is "manufacturing" requirements where they don't exist.
Find a new IA. This one is a "person of little understanding".

--- In, "Gary Percy" <gpercy@...> wrote:
> I have an IA who is not familiar with the Musketeer family of
> who will not sign off the log books after doing an annual due to the
> amount of play in the main flap control shaft that runs the width
of the
> fuselage under the rear seat. I've had another IA look at it, and
> does not see a problem.
> The shaft has 1/16 - inch play left and right with flaps up, and 1/4
> inch play with flaps down in all positions. He does not think there
> should be any play at all. Some play would be necessary, I would
> but how much is too much?
> I wonder if I can ask those that have the time to go look at their
> aircraft and see how much play there is. It is easy to do. Laying
> your back under the wing where the fuselage and wing meet, grab
onto the
> oval plate at the end of the flap shaft, push in and out, and
> how much play there is with the flaps up, and then again with the
> down. Any notch will work. Below is a link to a photo of the oval
> plate at the end of the flap shaft. I took the photo with the flaps
> down.
> jpg
> By the way, the controls are identical in all aircraft. If you
have a
> parts book, you can confirm that.
> Thanks,
> Gary
> N5982S

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