Hello All,

I have a 1977 C24R MC-401, C-GMTT. This years Annual is turning out to be the most expensive annual inspection in History! The first estimate we received from our AMO was for $50,440.84 CDN after tax! OK, so now we are down to 46K and that Includes the engine overhaul at 25K but still having some issues with a couple of items and seeking help with finding alternate sources for parts.

1). Nose Gear - I have ordered the AEC Doughnuts at $360 USD vs the $1267 CDN quoted by the shop. The other problem, however, is that the hole in the bottom of the nose gear leg is worn to an oval shape allowing play in the nose gear leg. The large brass bushing was replaced a couple of years ago and it is fine. The other bushings were replaced last year and these are OK as well but that hole is oversized and causing some play and premature wear on the bushings. The shop I am working with is recommending we have it repaired and recertified at a cost of about $1,500. Not sure if there is a source out there for these or if another owner has had this done before and can recommend a solution?

2). Stabilator Trim Actuator Arm - I am told this is badly worn and has too much play in it. The replacement cost quoted is $2,964 CDN for this assembly. Can this be rebuilt? Is there a series of parts we can order that would do the same job at less cost? Seems excessive to me. I am also being told that the Stabilator hinges are worn at the main pivot point and need to be replaced. No price on hinge itself but I am being quoted $1,760 of labour to do this. Shop rate is $55/hr so that's = 32 hours!

3). Engine Mount - The holes are worn, mechanic recommends sending it out to be welded and recertified. Approx $1,000 CDN. Also recommends new Lord Mounts but did not quote the price for those in the original 50K. Anyone have a source for Lord Mounts and suggestions on the Rebuild of the Engine mount?

4). Aileron Rod Ends Worn - Parts $350, Labour $440 (8 hours) Total $790 This includes replacing the hinges which are also described as worn (outboard and Inboard) Does this seem high or is that about right?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. The engine was at 1967hrs and was last overhauled in 1987so we were expecting the overhaul anytime and were prepared for that part. It had low compression on one Cylinder, a persistent oil leak, and some evidence of brass in the oil filter, it was time. The additional 20K of other items, however, was a huge surprise. We have spent about 25K in the last 18 months on this airplane to get things worked out such as, Starter, Alternator, Magnetos, Auto Pilot Repairs, Landing Gear Motor and Pressure switch, etc. After this we will have basically paid for a second airplane. I am hopeful after this that we can get to a steady state where the maintenance costs will become more manageable.

Many thanks for any and all help or suggestions,


__!__ Bruce Dwyer
_____(_)_____ Beech Sierra C-GMTT
! ! ! Ottawa Flying Club
613 786-8674

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