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Thread: Western Region Fly-in

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    Western Region Fly-in

    Chris Linderman, who is a Utah member and I have been exchanging emails about trying to pull off a western region fly-in. Our region members are spread over a pretty large area. Doing a one day fly-in will limit such event for many of our members. Even a two day event would still be hard for some depending upon the location of the event.

    In California, where most of the western region members are, the coastal areas can remain overcast for a significant part of the day during the summer. Inland areas are probably somewhat more predictable. Three hours flying for me gets me just about anywhere in Southern California.

    We are posting here to try and elicit some suggestions and evaluate participation. If we did something at Napa, I'm happy to do what I can to make the visit interesting and useful. We are well known for our wineries, but that activity is not generally compatible with flying. We also are susceptible to that coastal stratus condition.

    If we did Napa and people flew in on a Friday late afternoon or evening, they would have fairly predictable weather through August. Saturday could be wineries, outlet shopping, maybe a barbecue. Sunday people could head home, sober and again missing the stratus by leaving in the afternoon. This is high season in Napa Valley for tourists too, so hotel reservations here would have to be made in advance, and just to let you know, we don't have the lowest room rates in the state.

    Let's have some active participation from the western members regarding this and see if we can come up with a location, time and participation level that makes sense. It would be nice to get something going on this side of the country.


    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Boy this western bunch is lively! Like Dan I'd be happy to host something for the group here in Utah but that is a long "drive" for most of the members of this region.

    Any interest out there in Tahoe? Sacramento? Anywhere?


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