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Thread: BAC Fest Souveniers

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    BAC Fest Souveniers

    OK, I give. I have tried searching BAC, the MML Archives, etc., in an effort to find a link to the order site, for the various neat souveniers for BAC Fest. I know I saw that thang somewhere. Seems like it oughta be in the Calendar entry, like the event schedule Dave just added. Anybody have any hints for an old man?

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    THX. Just ordered a bunch of stuff. Can we put the links in the Calendar entry?

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    reply to bring these links to the top in case anyone wants to order stuff after they got home.


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    Since I donated three for the BAC Fest Dinner door prize drawings, I just ordered two more steins for two folks here in Laurens. Flat $5 shipping charge for up to five items, not including posters and the like (which are shipped from a different source).

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    Just got in my large coffee mugs and steins. All I can say is WOW! They are awesome and very nice.


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