I have a backlog of Sundowner projects building up - among them are
some fiberglass parts - new Metco-Air wingtips, Globe Fiberglass stabilator
tips, and a new two-part tail cone. This stuff is all sitting in my
garage, with the exception of the tail cone, which is in UPS-land

The normal procedure for installing such things is to fit them to the
airplane, drill the appropriate holes and openings, get everything bolted
together and set up - and then take it all apart, paint the new parts, and
put it together again.

Only trouble is, I need to fly to another airport to be "supervised and
signed" by the IA there. So what I would like to do, is to paint the
parts as received from the vendors, throw the parts into the airplane,
fly to the IA, and fit & drill them there. I see no reason why this
wouldn't work with lavish use of masking tape. The paint is a quality
2-part polyurethane enamel, and I would give it a week or two to cure
before installation. Comments?

- Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

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