> I have a backlog of Sundowner projects building up - among them are
>some fiberglass parts - new Metco-Air wingtips, Globe Fiberglass stabilator
>tips, and a new two-part tail cone. This stuff is all sitting in my
>garage, with the exception of the tail cone, which is in UPS-land
> The normal procedure for installing such things is to fit them to the
>airplane, drill the appropriate holes and openings, get everything bolted
>together and set up - and then take it all apart, paint the new parts, and
>put it together again.
> Only trouble is, I need to fly to another airport to be "supervised and
>signed" by the IA there. So what I would like to do, is to paint the
>parts as received from the vendors, throw the parts into the airplane,
>fly to the IA, and fit & drill them there. I see no reason why this
>wouldn't work with lavish use of masking tape. The paint is a quality
>2-part polyurethane enamel, and I would give it a week or two to cure
>before installation. Comments?
> - Jerry Kaidor ( jerry@tr2.com )

Do whatever you have to to paint AFTER the fitting and drilling.

The FARs allow you to remove and replace the cowling and fairings, which
sounds like it would include the parts you are referring to. So taking the
parts to the mechanic's airport and test fitting them before paint would
not prevent you from then flying home with your new parts installed, and
then taking them off and painting them.

The only "fly in the ointment" that I can see is that BALANCED control
surfaces must be checked for balance after paint, and that would include
the stabilator tips. So you really can't fly the plane without removing
and balancing the stabilator (a big job, and you want shiny new bolts to
put it back on), so you may have to fly to the mech, test fit everything,
put the old elevator tips on and fly home. Paint all the parts (remove
those that are not balanced and paint), then install all but the stabilator
tips and fly back for the balance work with the painted stab tips installed.

Sounds like monkey motion, but from long past experience, I NEVER paint a
part before it's installed and all the holes are drilled and the edges trimmed.

(Have the Tee shirt from that a couple times... Some of us don't learn the
first time!)

Bob Steward, A&P IA
Birmingham, AL

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