Note: the following discussion was started on email but moved here to the Discussion Forums to reach the intended audience. Tom's original email and initial email replies are replicated here.

From: Tom Corcoran, Member #9
To: The BAC Board
(Copied to my Fellow BAC Members)

I will not be able to be at BACFest. That may come as a relief to some.

I do wish I could be there to make a few points about some of the mechanics of the club which I hope would be discussed at BACFest to be voted on at an appropriate time.

Specifically I am concerned about member access to the Board of Directors. Your meetings are held in a vacuum and members are not admitted.

Additionally, the minutes of the meetings have not been posted for the benefit of members.

I no longer see the date and times of Board meetings announced.

No official way to propose an agenda item for Board consideration is in place and worse, no opportunity exists for an item sponsor to make his best case for his idea.

The treasury seems to have an amount of money which is beyond the needs of operating the organization.

Dues continue to be collected at the rate of (450 x $50) over $22,500. This is a large sum of money that should be explained or modified. Added to the present balance it represents a very large sum.

You are now using treasury funds to buy parts. For the present this is a good idea but what safeguards are there against future abuse?

Some of the members, whom I personally admire, have been lost to the policies of the club. Some people have just quietly disappeared. Personally I would name Oz and Ed Fitchett in that category as they seem to now be absent. Both have expressed to me a reluctance on the club’s part to hear their side of the issues that concern them.

I have similar concerns.

High profile members, people who appear on the website daily, have privately contacted me and I can report some unrest. Each has thought that the dismissing of their ideas and suggestions may not be the result of Board policy but one or more of the club officers acting cavalierly.

This brings me to the openness needed as described above in item #1.

Club elections have been at best a sham. Having been the first person turned out of office, I can attest to the election process being troubled.

Brian Foote is a good guy and was one of the hardest workers when I was the first Northeast Director. I did not object to his election over me at the time because he wanted to do the job and I only cared to be behind the scenes.

I only saw that someone had announced an election and I only read that I had lost that election. No numbers. No campaign. No exchange of ideas between Brian and me. I think Chuz had a similar fate. Things should be more open and businesslike..

BAC should adopt the normal election process of all good organizations including…advance elections dates and rules, nominations, campaigning, scrutiny of the candidates and an open voting system with more than the webmaster calculating the results.

With $23,000 - $45,000 in the treasury, a shoestring operation is no longer appropriate.

A committee should be formed for member retention and development.

I see a red announcement at the top of my home BAC page that says I have five days to pay my new dues. If I do not, nothing will happen. We can not let long time members slip through our fingers.

Also, I still meet Beech people who have never heard of BAC and would like to know more. The membership committee should use good marketing principals to have BAC widely seen and understood.

From a technical/mechanical standpoint we are doing very well. This is due to the kindness of a few members who answer technical questions. This is fine as long as they are happy and willing to invest the time. Make a plan for when they can not be so generous.

BAC should be more fun.

My opinion is it still lacks the social atmosphere that brings everyone together.

More fly-ins mean more fun. Competition should be encouraged between regions for bragging rights. But, the regions have been made too big for one person to be the social director.

It is time for there to be a leader (Airboss) in each state and in each province overseen by the present Regional Directors.

Yes, the Board has seen this proposal before and rejected it. I offer it again as a simple way to rectify the lack of social enthusiasm that the large BAC regions stifle.

8 )
I agree with Ed Fitchett’s wishes which were abruptly and summarily dismissed. Both East and West Canada should be a region of its own. It should have an Airboss named for each province and the two new regions having its own director.

Final note:
There is no way to address these procedural issues in BAC so I use this public forum. I can not post it on the website without permission. I am in no way casting a shadow on any individual or our present group of officers, but we now need to address the growing pains which have started to rise.