If I could change one thing about my Sundowner, it would be to give it a
higher gross weight. It would be nice if there were an STC for going to
200hp and a higher gross. There is such an STC for the 172, for going
to 180hp and higher gross weight. How about that as a BAC project?

Steve King
79 Sundowner

Mark Gooderum wrote:

>If you ever want to go back to a Musketeer look for one of the 200hp
>SuperIII - mine is ~1070 useful load and every one I've seen is in the
>1030-1080 range - and fixed/simple to boot for insurance (there's a few
>out there with constant speed props too).
>But I sympathize with the Cherokee Six - it's high on my list if I need
>more poop myself.
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>>My trusty Sundowner N9761L has changed hands. I needed more
>>lift and, short of a Bonanza, did not find a suitable
>>Beechcraft replacement. I really wanted to stay with the
>>Musketeer product line because they are so well built with so
>>few maintenance issues. Although a lot of the literature
>>lists the Sierra useful load as circa 1100 pounds, I could
>>not find one that was even close. I really did not want a
>>C-182 with a 1500-hour TBO engine, so I found a Piper
>>Cherokee Six - 300 that is in good shape. It has a useful
>>load of 1450 pounds instead of a bit over 900 that the
>>Sundowner provided. I will probably keep the Six until I
>>retire and can't afford the fuel, insurance, and maintenance,
>>then get another Sundowner. Until then I will monitor
>>BAC-Mail, but I don't check Musketeermail any more. BAC is a
>>great source of information and is well worth the nominal annual fee.
>>Carl Foster Cherokee 4220R Tucson, AZ
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