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Thread: AEC Is Coming to BAC Fest

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    AEC Is Coming to BAC Fest

    We have received some good news and AEC will be coming to BAC Fest. Kamran will be coming and bringing donuts!! The Hotel has cofee. Looks like we are ready to go

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    You're 'the Man', Dave!

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    AEC Is Coming to BAC Fest

    Dave -

    Will he be bringing a sample of the new door handle?

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    Yes, Bill, he will bring a sample of the new handle. It is very nicely done.

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    When will the door handles be available for purchase?


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    They are available on the AECI website right now, just like the shock cushions. I have posted two availability announcements here on the BAC website. Do a BAC search on 'AECI handles' and read the first two posts, for more details. These are the FAA-PMA replacements for the crappy Hartwell plastic handles. It's the first time that an alternative supplier has made these available.

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    Awesome Mike! Just ordered two. Could use your help installing if you have time next week at BAC Fest. I plan on arriving Wed around lunch.

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    The installation is effortless, as long as someone hasn't done something like glue in the bad ones. Try to bring your own stubby Phillips, as well as a standard one. You will also need your airframe log book, as I will not have any stickers.

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    Thanks Mike...

    Talked to Kamran Rouhani of AEC yesterday. Place your orders now and he will bring to BAC Fest to meet with everyone on Thursday. Visit for your orders.

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