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Thread: International Fly-in to the Bahamas

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    International Fly-in to the Bahamas

    I am posting this to see what interest there is in planning an international fly-in to the Bahamas next year around April or May. Instead of trying to learn all the international rules I was thinking of BAC partnering with for this. They do this all the time and always do a first class job. I have spoken with them at Sun-n-Fun and have watched several videos of trips. They plan everything and take care of all paperwork.


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    Howabout just before or after Sun-n-Fun?

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    How about before? That way everyone can spend as little or as much time at Sun-n-Fun as they want. Would love some feedback and those that marked yes in the poll shoot me an email so I can keep an actual tally. I would like to be in touch with Air Journey by year end and have dates set so those that need to take off from work can schedule. Maybe we could use this as a kickoff for a new Caribbean Region for International BAC.

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    Wanted to give everyone some more information. Have been in contact with Air Journey and they are sending lots of new stuff. They were recently featured on SportPilot TV. You can view the show at the below URL. I ripped it off the TV but it still looks great. You can also view the links for the pre-Sun-n-Fun and post-Sun-n-Fun trips. They are different locations. Hope this helps give everyone a taste of what the trip would be like.



    Video of Air Journey:

    Video from the Bahama tourism site:

    Videos of the Bahamas:


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    I like the idea! In fact, I have flown our Sierra from Salt Lake City to Marsh Harbor! It took 20 hours each way! But we had a blast. My family used to own a beach cottage on a small out-island called Scotland Cay. It was a private island with a small airstrip. We cleared customs in Marsh Harbor then hopped back in the plane for the 5 minute ride to Scotland Cay.

    Leaving and re-entering the USA was through Ft. Pierce. I have flown from FL to the Bahamas many times and from many ports of entry and Ft. Pierce is the place I recommend.

    Doing the trip with Air Journey makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. And, though it would be a long haul for us, we would sure be up for the adventure! As long as I get to go bonefishing at least one day!

    Chris L.
    Sierra C24R

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    Everyone be thinking about your Christmas wish list... inflatable life vests, personal ELTs, survival kits, and all the other stuff needed to cross the water. Please let me know if you are more than 70% interested in going to the Bahamas so we can be working on when and what trip. Love to have a good group so we can give our "BAC to the Bahamas" show at BAC Fest 2007.


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    I have flown to Bahamas (treasure cay) last year from Raleigh (NC) , was an easy trip and had no issue with formalities, cleared custom in Daytona beach, email me if you want.

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    For all those who said Yes and Maybe in the poll please email me at doug dot muse at gmail dot com so I can start getting you more details. These trips get booked early so we need to get a count and figure out if we want a trip they already have or a custom trip.

    Please let me know,

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    Great Idea!
    I have made a few trips on my own to the Bahamas and never had much of a problem. I don't know that the commercial planning service is really needed. AOPA has a great deal of information for free. We could meet in florida for a quick procedures review over breakfast or lunch. I usually stop in Ft. Pierce on the way down, Self serve av gas and a great restaraunt on the field. Could rent rafts if desired there. File over palm beach gives time to climb before turning over water. Very short water leg that way.
    Lots of little places to clear customs. Chubb Cay etc save a lot of money over the big places. Gas in Marsh harbor is cheaper than parts of florida.
    There are a lot of places that easily can handle the likely number of planes.
    I would vote for an earlier trip. Late Feb or early march. Use it as an excuse to go somewhere warm while it is still winter here.
    Great idea to plan a group trip. we can use this forum to discuss safety planning etc questions.

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    Do you have an idea for our own trip? My new 2007 Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot's Guide (from sporty's) came in and I love it. It has pictures, information, must knows, etc. on every island. For those that want to fly down (or across if living in FL) I can put together our "pilot kits" from the book.

    Everyone needs to make sure your insurance policy has an endorsement for the Bahamas or for international travel.

    Maybe we can do this in March so the waters will be just right for diving & snorkeling.


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