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Thread: Why I am not at BACFest.

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    Why I am not at BACFest.

    New chapter added to journal: Chapter 43.


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    Good luck

    I have enjoyed your postings and I wish you luck on your condition. Happy landing in the future-Bob

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    Posting all of this information is very useful in my estimation. You are right, we all think in terms of our flying with every ache and pain. I think this gets more prevalent as we age too. Sharing your experience might help us all keep it in perspective and hopefully, as you follow through, provide us all the information we might need at some point.

    I hope there is a side benefit to you as well in just putting it all down. I hope that you get the opportunity to be in the air as much as possible during your recovery.

    Dan Jonas
    Napa Valley

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I look forward to reading more of your flights of adventure.

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    Wow, Bo, that's some tough luck. Best wishes on a speedy return to the cockpit as PIC. It's amazing -- even when you're NOT flying your journal is a wealth of information.

    Here's to a clean bill of health!!!


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    Bo - Hang in there, don't give up. We will be praying for a speedy recovery and return to flight status.

    Gary and Debbie

    P.S.- We met last year at Gastons

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    We missed you and Sandra at BACfest but you were talked about so, I know your ears must have been burning. I did not know of the stents until we got to Wichita. Know that our prayers for a speedy recovery are being lifted up daily until we hear that you are "wings level" again.

    Gene & Becky McPherson

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