> 1a. Traveling with pets
> Posted by: "hamlej1" hamlej@cox.net hamlej1
> Date: Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:07 pm (PDT)
> I will be traveling with my wife and K9 for the first time. Any
> suggestions for flying with and minimizing any trauma to the dog. I
> plan on flying at 11,000 for 1 leg of the trip and I will limit time
> in the aircraft to less than 3 hours on each leg.
> Larry S. N5974S


Took my sisters dog (Choc Lab) from KMBO to KEKY in my Sundowner
without any problems. Just as RJF suggests, a quick trip to your
practice order with another passenger should be in order to see how
the dog responds to airplane noises.

I even had taken my sisters dog to the airport and walked around the
ramp and along the taxi way so she could get used to airplane sounds
and the like. If the dog is a good car passenger, I'd suspect they
will be a good plane passenger.

Her dog was better then most first time passengers. Getting her up in
the plane was a breeze after her first flight. She balked getting in
the cabin, but after that, three flights later, all I do is lift her
up on the wing, and she slips in the cabin like a glove. You may want
to get a blanket to cover the wing as when the dog gets on the ground,
they may be a little excited (just like a person) to get on terra
firma to fullfil natures needs. Dogs don't know to stay on the black
Make sure a leash is on the dog for unloading.

My sisters dog after take off, sat in the back and checked out the
scenery. I flew early in the moring or late in the evening for dog
comfort purpose, plus the air is smoother, but even with the light
turbulence I experienced, it did not affect the dog. Halfway into
the 1 1/2 hour flight, she layed down in the back seat. I think just
before descent, what I patted her back, I startled her, so I think she
was falling asleep.

IMC did not affect the dog. I went up to 7000 feet.

As far as sound is concerned, I called a couple of vets, and the
duration of one flight will NOT affect the dogs hearing as it is not
long term. Climbs and descents, I didn't see any adverse affects, but
I did no more then 500 fpm. You still should check with your vet.

Take water with you, as the dog will be very thirsty after landing. I
forgot to take a bowl, so just poured the water in my hand and let her
lap up the water that way. While I took treats for the dog, the dog
wasn't interested. Too much outside stimuli.

Last time I went to pick my sisters dog up, my sister was waiting at
the FBO outside and once I had shut down and got out the plane, the
dog about ripped my sisters arm out of her socket to meet me and was
ready to climb into the plane!

Got a great 40 second video that I put to music if you want, email me
and I will send it to you.


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