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Thread: N66433 is home from BAC Fest 2006

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    N66433 is home from BAC Fest 2006

    2700 NM round trip
    26.4 Hours
    Thunderstorm dodging (I'm now thinking a 396 with weather would be good to have )
    1 ILS approach
    Some high flying for my fully loaded Sierra (12000 indicated, 13+ DA)
    Lots of great VFR over WY, MT, and WA

    It was a great trip, wonderfull hosting, and all around great time.


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    Way to go Don. Mike R. is beginning to hear your prop closing in on the President's Trophy race!


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    Dern. Guess I'll need to make another run to visit Tom on PEI....

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    Mike, Join us for Fly The Devil. that will give you over some miles. It is 1169 nonstop.

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    Dern #2. 1,169 NM, huh. I'd probably have to make a fuel stop even if I was solo. Unless I had a 75 knot tailwind westbound.

    Well, Sunny B has already seen the Devil's Tower up close and personal, as well as Monument Valley. He needs some fresh scent to draw him in. Much as Beech Field did the trick....

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    Napa Valley


    Napa Valley, next month. Will put you over the top.

    Dan Jonas

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    Sunny B has done the NAPA Valley thing, too. Somebody's gonna hafta get creative.

    I think I have three BAC owners awaiting my OK next month to bring their plane to 34A for an owner-assisted work-day. I doubt I'll be able to go anywhere next month. Besides, I have rather drastically out-spent my pension income for some time to come, with the travel in recent months!

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    How about coming to Magnolia, Arkansas next May for the "World Championship Steak Cookoff" and Magnolia Blossom Festival???

    I am thinking about a fly-in for this event. If you have seen the Food Channel's coverage of the 2005 Cookoff you know what it is about. If you haven't, the Food Channel will broadcast the 2006 Cookoff this January.

    Anyone interested, let me know and I will begin to put this fly-in together. I need to know pretty quick as the hotel rooms start to fillup in September

    Glad to meet you, Mike, at BACfest.

    Gene McPherson

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