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Thread: BAC Fest 2006 Contact Info

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    BAC Fest 2006 Contact Info

    Following is the contact information for those who were such a great help this week with BAC Fest

    Kara Gardner with Raytheon who greeted us along with Jeff on Wednesday and was the coordinator for all of the Raytheon activities. Her e-mail is

    Kent McIntyre is the manager of Bevan Rabell who so graciously donated hangar space, provided drinks in the morning and a wonderful lunch. His e-mail address is

    Larry Forister is the manger of the Tower at Beech Field and was the one who came in early both Saturday and Sunday to facilitate our departures. His e-mail address is

    Last but not least is Jeff Fernandez. He was the greeter and cart driver all weekend. Whatever we needed, and at whatever time we needed it, he was there. He even called me at 9:00 Saturday evening to make sure we got Gary's battery problem resolved. His e-mail address is

    The Mariott was also very helpful in the planning and execution of this event. My two contacts with there were Becky Lehane who was my first contact and blocked the rooms. Her address is
    The second was Jean Marie Poole who was in charge of our dinner. Her address is

    If you think of anybody else, let me know.

    Dave B

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    And a B I G thank you to YOU, Dave for arranging all of the festivities and tours. It was a chore I am sure; but, in my humble opinion, VERY well organized.

    THanks again,

    Gene & Becky McPherson

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